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∆  The AUManoid Project  Ω

∞   Pure 432 Hertz Psychedelic Trance   ∞

In 2008, Yohann Oetheimer made his first steps towards music creation. A set of cosmic synchronicities made him discover a true passion in composing electronic music, particularly Psychedelic Trance, Ambient and Deep Inner States Music. The AUManoid Project was born, with its unique, groovy, psychedelic and melodic style.

AUManoid – Starship Experience

After more than 6 years of hard work on Reason Studios, always learning new techniques and continuously improving the creation process, the very first album had to come out. It was postponed a few times, from one year to the other… but the physical copies are finally here! Better late than never.

As you might feel when listening to Starship Experience, every track has a special story. There is a continuity in the order of the songs, telling a musical story in coherence, tuned at A=432 Hertz, with loads of sacred numbers and geometries throughout the compositions…

I am dedicating my first album to my beloved Father and Mother without whom this album would not be here, to Ananda Bosman who never stops inspiring me, to my PsyBrothers and PsySisters who supported me with their feedback and love during the creation process, to WizardSmoke, who has been collaborating with me on several projects, to Julian Multiman, who gave me some useful tips and made a great work mastering my album, to Oleg Peti and S.U.N. Festival who gave me the opportunity to play my very first big live set, to Raphael SubConsciousMind who inspired my work through his amazing music, and to all the Beautiful People of the dancefloor that dance like crazy and encourage me after every gig.

ॐ  Thank You for being part of this adventure!  ॐ

Starship Experience artwork, created by myself.

The mountains that you can see in the background are the Dolomites in the Brenta group, Italy.

Link to my first album

If you want to support my work, please consider buying my debut album. You can contact me directly to get the CD, in order to avoid Bandcamp and PayPal’s fees.

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You can listen to my old music for free on SoundCloud. Newer tracks will be uploaded in the near future, stay AUMtuned!

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Some tracks that I uploaded on SoundCloud

For your information, SoundCloud’s 128 Kbps MP3 really kills the music. A 90 MB lossless audio file
becomes a 7 MB MP3 file after SoundCloud’s compression… There is less than 10% of the audio info left!

S.U.N. Festival 2019

Peupliers du Son 2019

Yakila Festival 2019

S.U.N. Festival 2018

S.U.N. Festival 2017


S.U.N. Festival 2016

Game of Sounds 2017

Starship Liftoff – AUManoid’s Teaser

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